Interviews in English

On this page you will find all the interviews that we have recorded or translated in English and in the last two years in Nuremberg or Lecce. There are questions for all interviews. Can you answer them all? Go ahead and find out!

Forth Meeting – Interviews from Nürnberg 2019

At this meeting in early June, the students from Nuremberg and Lecce wanted to find out how important foreign languages are. The team visited a bakery, a boat rental company and the tourist information office in Lecce. In addition, they interviewed two students and a teacher.

Student Rebecca
Student Simon
Boot Rental Owner
Tourist Info

Third Meeting – Interviews from Nürnberg 2019

From 18.-25.02.2019 the students from Lecce visited Nuremberg. We experienced a lot together, on the first day we introduced each other, the team from Nuremberg showed some interesting sights of the city. On Wednesday we went to the school museum, on Thursday we learned together, how to actually make a gingerbread.

All the things we did 🙂

Our main task was interviewing students with parents or grandparents from other countries inside and outside the EU. The Italian team did the interview and tried their German language skills.


You can also listen to all interviews individually. But we also have a version with all interviews together. You can listen to them here. You should print out our questionnaire first. Can you answer all 10 questions? The right answers can be found at the bottom of this page.

Maria (Italy)
Maria (Brasil)

Second Meeting – Interviews from Lecce 2018

Here are the interviews we did in Leece in May 2018. We start with the mayor of Copertino, Mrs Schito. She speaks German, so the interview is on the other page.

Interview with the town mayor of Copertinio, Mrs Schito

We were in a pasta factory in a neighboring city. The company founder himself guided us through his company and answered many questions.

The pasta factory
The pasta interview

Mozzarella is also known in Germany. But how is this cheese made? We visited a small factory and took a look behind the scenes there. We also recorded a great interview for that.

This is how Mozzarella is made

Of course there is a wine in Italia. Many small winegrowers have joined together to form a cooperative so that they can better market their harvest. We were guests at the bottling plant, listen to our interview.

Interview „Mozzarella“
Visiting trnews

There are regional television stations, which are an important addition to the nationwide broadcasters. We visited a station from the region and asked the station chief a lot of questions.

First Meeting – Interviews from Nürnberg 2018

Many people from Italy live in Nuremberg. They come to Germany for a variety of reasons. The students from Lecce could not imagine how many people from Italy can be found in Nuremberg. Together with the students from Germany, the Italian students sought interview partners. Then questions were devised and the interviews in the city were recorded. After that both teams translated the interviews into German. If you want to listen to these, you have to go to the interview page in German.