Lets get the party started!


You are reading the very first words at http://www.birichino.org – your learning platform. What – why – where – these may be your first thoughts and we tell you all the answers!

For nearly 30 years, the EU has funded the Erasmus programme, which has enabled over three million European students to spend part of their studies at another higher educational institution or with an organisation in Europe.

Erasmus+ brings such opportunities to all – students, staff, trainees, teachers, volunteers and more. A few months ago we applied for an Erasmus+ Project. We presented our idea at eTwinning and many schools wanted to join us. So finally after some e-mails we applied for a learning project together with a school from LECCE/Italy. We had to fill out a 40 page application – and what more can we say – after a few month we got the news – WE WON!


Well – what is the project about?

In Nürnberg the project „School Radio“ is well known by quite all the students. So why not create podcasts together – with topics in relation to the EU. But not only podcasts – after finishing these jobs we will start to create worksheets in order to listen to these podcasts and to work with the different worksheets. So everyone can improve his or her language skills easily. Everyone means – every student everywhere in the world.

So, since we‘ll start in the middle of October, stay tuned!


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